CFFB WoD 01.08.11

Todays Workout of the Day


7 Deadlifts – 315 lbs
1 Full Gasser
15 Pull Ups
*Rest 45 seconds between rounds

My Results

32:33 – i subbed the football field gasser (two trips across the football field and back) for a basketball court gasser (freethrow line, back, halfcourt, back, freethrow line, back, fullcourt, back) and after the first round, i ended up doing jumping pull ups… otherwise, i’d probably still be on round 5 – cuz pull ups are TEH SUCK! of course, that’s probably because i’m a huge fat@$$ and pulling up that much weight is harder than if i weren’t in such bad shape – something to work on, for sure.

i didn’t see the rest between rounds, but i still managed to take a lil break between rounds and in most cases, it was probably longer than 45 seconds. the hands are sore and i’m sneezing up chalk dust. i really like this workout, even though it is a killer

For Those Who Don’t Know

Patrick Daniel Tillman (5.6.76–4.22.04) was a professional football player who left the National Football League and enlisted in the United States Army in May 2002. He joined the Army Rangers and served multiple tours in combat before he was killed in the mountains of Afghanistan. He was a recipient of the Silver Star, the third highest honor in the military, and a Purple Heart. Pat is survived by his wife Marie. He is also remembered through the foundation named in his honor; the mission being to inspire people to make positive changes in themselves and in the world around them.