CF WoD 100101

This morning i started up the workouts at Park HS, I will only be able to lift there three days a week (M-W-T), but i’ll do the best i can. I’ll be pulling workouts from either CrossFit (CF) or CrossFit Football (CFFB). usually i try to do the “Workout of the Day” (WoD) for CFFB, but sometimes i’m unable to because the WoD requires equipment we don’t have at PHS (i.e. row machines, 40lb med balls, rings, etc.) or maybe i just don’t want to do the workout :). the backup plan at that point is to check recent WoDs that i missed in my days not able to get over to Park on the CFFB site, if nothing jumps out as super exciting, then i meander over to the CF site and find a workout there to do.

Today’s workout on CFFB wasn’t possible because it had ball slams with 40lb medicine ball… which we don’t have at Park… so i looked back and gave the boys i workout with an option… “Cindy”, “Mary” or “Angie” (the CrossFit realm will give girl names to some of their common workouts and also honors fallen soldiers with some very intense and difficult workouts – i still remember doing the ‘Tillman’ WoD last spring). They chose Cindy, which, i’m not sure i’m happy about, but it happened nonetheless.


Cindy is a time-limit workout – 20 minutes. and in that 20 minutes you do as many rounds as possible of the given regimen:
5 Pull-ups – 10 Push-ups – 15 Squats
so you do 5 pull-ups, then 10 push-ups and 15 squats (bodyweight), that’s one round. do as many as you can in 20 minutes.

My result: 10 rounds

Not terrible, considering i haven’t done any real working out in a couple months – but i’m sure not used to finishing last in these workouts.

I then got a quick lift in did 3×3 in towel bench and front squat. it felt good to get back into the weightroom, but i’m going to be feeling it in a couple days that’s for sure!