So i don’t watch a lot of TV – primarily because i don’t have time. but i do find ways of watching a couple programs (hulu.com, or just straight up downloads). and today i’ve decided to share my list of “Brograms” (Programs for Bros). in no particular order:

  • Bones: this is one of those rare shows that the wife and i will watch together. we both enjoy it quite a bit.
  • The League: a new sitcom (2nd season just finished up) about fantasy football… love it!
  • The Office: yep, still catch this show
  • 30 Rock: i giggled the first couple times i watched it… continue to watch
  • It’s Always Sunny in Phliadelphia: i was shunned at work for never hearing of this show… i will not allow that to happen again
  • Community: relatively new show, it followed The Office and 30Rock, and i happened to catch it one evening. clever. and Chevy Chase as a non-trad is a hilarious bonus!
  • Weeds: i’m not even sure where i heard about Weeds… but started watching it and i keep checking for more
  • Better Off Ted: this and AD are short-lived sitcoms… but they were funny, intelligent funny and that’s probably where they lost the public
  • Arrested Development: see Better Off Ted description

And there you have my list of Brograms for the current time being. for a guy who claims to not watch too much TV, i guess there are quite a few shows on this list – i just don’t watch them on the TV 🙂