hey kids – we’re back from the honeymoon – yeah, we’ve been back for a week and a half, but cripes things been busy. the honeymoon was AWESOME!!! if EVER you get a chance to head up to the north shore – go. it is absolutely beautiful up there. i’ll have to add a photo gallery to this here website for that reason alone – yeah, i’ll get to it when i find some free time HA HA HA HA…

so far the married life is pretty cool. we’ve managed not to kill each other these two and a half weeks, i consider it progress. so now we’re back to ‘the grind’. katie started up her job at the chiro office and she’s really liking it – plus, she’s also working at the WestWind, bartending and such. and now she’s gotta take care of her husband! she’s a busy girl and honestly, i do not know how she does it. she amazes me more and more each day.

this was a goofy couple of weeks, got back on monday last week and the shortened week was nice – then there’s this week, which is over half over. last weekend, the first weekend i didn’t go up to the cabin for the 4th in like forever, was pretty nice. i went fishing saturday and then ref’d my first football game – that was interesting, but fun. and then sunday katie and i went shopping – i don’t like shopping, but we did get some fishing gear, so that makes it almost okay. we are also getting a new bed – sweet. had to get a new frame and all that jazz for the new bed, so we got that taken care of. monday, i had to work cuz i’ve got like -2 days of vacation until july 2007 – and i wish i was joking there, but i’m not. post work, which wasn’t much of a working day anyway, neumann and i went and hit the front nine at the RF golf club and then went to join in some festivities at scotty’s place. now, i’ve not been up late/early in quite a while… but we finally called it a night at about 4am – it’s been a while since i’ve seen 4am (TWG night, prolly). the best part is, we got to wake up at 9am-ish to go to katie’s Godson’s birthday party (are you sposed to capitolize the ‘G’ in “Godson”? or is it just ‘godson’??). after that, we came home and took a nap – katie had to work last night, so when she went to work, i got up and worked on a website – i’m building a site for DrAmy and Horizon Family Chiropractic. this is also where katie works, so it’s kinda fun – we have a working relationship along with the personal relationship… pretty cool, huh?

tonight we had our last practice before our first game – first game july 8th!!! i think i got my schedule updated on this site – with me working on the T-Birds site and the MFL site i’m not sure how many times i’ve updated schedules and rosters and whatnot… cripes. but it’s fun i enjoys it. NEway, the point is it’s 12am and that might be early for some… but it’s been a long day and it’s sleepy time. piece out.