you’d think that once the honeymoon was over and all those gifts are put away – life would be fairly ‘normal’ (of course, i’m using that term VERY loosely here)… but no – things are crazy busy – i’ll use that as my excuse for not posting more frequently, that and the fact that i’m not sure how those ‘daily bloggers’ do it. i can barely even read a series of blogs, although, i am getting pretty good at reading a handful of online comics i’ve grown to become quite fond of.

what’s new? hmmm – katie and i got a puppy! yep. a 9MO chocolate lab. she is a darling lil precious! her name is cocoa – i didn’t name her and when we got her, it was a little to late to be changing her name (cuz that’d just confuse her). but we’re pretty excited about her. we figure, if we can keep the dog alive for 3 years, then we might be ready for kids… you think?

so how’d we get her? well, a buddy of mine is moving to go back to skool. he can’t take her with and we was talkin one day – he said he needs to find a good home for her. i told her, i know of a home that needs a good dog… and presto – a puppy is brought to our house a couple weeks later. cocoa is a very good puppy/dog – although still a lil mischieveous. we brought her home almost three weeks ago and she went into her first heat the night we got her home (or at least she started leaking right when we got her home). so a trip to the pet store for a doggy diaper and some treats and toys and food later, we have our dog and she’s made the transition well. we get her out and about when we can – with the heat we’ve been careful lately. she’s spoiled and she’s much loved. a pretty good fit. i can’t wait until this fall to see how she hunts. she’s fairly good with a ball and we’re all learning each other still. katie is actually getting quite annoyed cuz cocoa always follows me and brings her toys to me (even when katie throws them for her) – i just think it’s funny. i’ll get some photos up soon…

other than that, not too much is going on – football season has started – so check the football page for the latest goings on there. we’re currently 1-1. we lost a close one the first game and we won last week in superior. i had a lot of family show up for that game, that was cool. i likes me a good solid fan base! 🙂

this weekend we’ve got a tough game and hopefully we’ll have our first game with a full offensive oline (hasn’t happened so far, which makes things difficult – hence the crappy first couple of games statwise), course, we will be without our offensive coordinator – there’s always something! cripes! if you’re in the cities on the south side – you should try to make a trip over to Holy Angels Academy in Richfield – prolly round 200pm, cuz that’s when and where our game is!

i promise i’ll try to post more oftenerly…

4 thoughts on “addition

  1. Hey T it’s Badger. Update your shitty wolfpackfootball home page so we can all see how the team does this fall. I sent an e-mail to the so-called webmaster of the page but I don’t think he’s written back.

  2. The T-Bird television ad needs to be checked over; especially the graphic, "SEE YOU THEIR." Wrong word, dude. I know you probably aren’t responsible, but pass the word, because the entire thing loses credibility with such obvious errors. FWIW….

  3. hey, Jon Weeler – not sure what T-Bird television ad you’re talking about… if i’d done a T-Bird television graphic of some sort and put it up on one of my websites, i’m pretty sure i’d know about it – unless i’ve been doing some graphics work in my sleep (wouldn’t count that out) – please enlighten me.

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