wish me luck

well, i have been a little busy with a plethora of things, hence the lack of posting – but i’m back for a little while. i’ve finally recovered from that awesome hawaii trip. it only took me a week or so. i fell slightly ill on frid night/sat morning – that was not fun times. i feeling a little better now, but working last night at the moose was not exactly the most ideal way to cure an illness. good thing the night went off without any incidents.

i’ve also been talking with Pheasants Forever. They’re looking for a webmaster to take their website to ‘the next level’. i had the first interview last wednesday and i’m going back in on tuesday to show them some of my writing examples and meet the CEO. pretty cool, eh? this job would rock like twisted sister on stilts. i think it would bridge the gap between my technological background in computers and my love for the outdoors and hunting/fishing. i’m really excited about this opportunity as it will not just be putting stuff on the website, but i’ll also be writing articles and finding information for the website. i will also be on the ground floor for some of the newest IT developments they’ve got planned – most excellent. so if you wouldn’t mind, how’s bout a couple of words to the big guy upstairs for lil ol me and this situation. thanks.

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