welcome to phase two

ok, i think you can pretty much ignore any previous posts… i was just playin to get stuffs lookin halfway decent-like. (or at least similiar to the rest of the site). so if you recall your mission: i hope you’ve already taked plenty of notes on the MT blog. so’s now you can evaulate this here greymatter blog – yeah, i know they look pretty similiar, but i’m lookin for comments on the comment submission and all that stuffs. a survey of sorts to come in two weeks on the whole deal. that’s all, buy

7 thoughts on “welcome to phase two

  1. Hm, not sure. I tried to post a really, really long comment, but not all of it shows up. It was just all letters – a test, you know.

  2. is all ya did was the alphabet backwards? if that be the case, i think she be workin fine… in fact, here’s another test – since you put the whole ‘test message’ in one word, all it did was put it on one line (check by moving the bottom slidey thingy over to the right) – i’m now tryin to make a longer comment with word spaces to see if the comment will break at the end of the page, so right now i’m pretty much just typing garbage to see what will happen… although, i must admit, i liking the grey matter thing a lot better than moveable type. (plus, i’m further with gettin everything the way i want with grey matter) although, i’m missing the template for these pages – well not missing them, i just havn’t located where they are… for all who are looking to do their own blorg thingy… i would suggest using grey matter over moveable type ok, i’m gettin bored typing this message, so i’m gonna quit now and see what she looks like… and you can’t do anything about it muaha ha ha

  3. Oh, um-hm. Now I see the whole msg. after using the slidey thing- slippery little sucker. All I can say is either you’re really, really smart or I’m really, really . . . of another computer dimension.

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