weekend update

okay boys and girls, ya’ll know bout what i had planned with the end of the week and the weekend, so here’s my lil update on how it all went down:

wed: practice, is it possible to not have a practice that isn’t fun? well, i guess it is, but not in this case.
thurs: that interview thing – got to see a new/old friend (she was laid off the same day at unisys as i was and is currently employed at echelon) for lunch – then the interview, well, i’d like to say it went well. it would bring me great pleasure to work there. seems pretty low-key but get the job done kind of place (megusta!) so we’ll have to see how things pan out (keep the fingers crossed) then a trip to grand forks to see some old friends. a trip to the postoffice and walmart brought back a lil hair treatment stuffs – got myself a new look. then went to watch the wild game at ground round in grand forks for free wings and long island mixes for 2.50 – good times 😉
frid: drove back to fargo for the NCC track meet – watched the vault. the rest of the meet was postponed due to the weather. the vault was held inside. not a terrible day. my sister did pretty alright and is sitting on the bubble to go to nationals – USD vaulters did pretty good also – samuel got first jumpin outta his shorts at 16’10 and marci got 2nd, 12’2 jamie didn’t fair too poorly either 11’10 i believe and not sure what place. the NCC is pretty stacked in the vault especially for the women – bout 35-40% of the vaulters at nationals will be from the NCC. kinda fun to watch. that night, i fell slightly ill, not fun times. missed out on an old friend playin at a local establishment, and slept.
sat: woke up feelin a lil better, but weather for the track meet not so pretty. rain and wind and a lil bit of chilliness – watched the 4×100 (my sister ran it) and the shot put and also the women’s steeple chase – fun and i wouldn’t have minded stayin longer, but the 4-5 hr drive in front of me was lingerin… so i busted out and drove home… stayin awake only to listen to the wild game and gettin home just in time to see anaheim score in 2ot’s… pooh.

well, that’s my weekend – now i’m goin to give a lil moneys to the indians, mommy wants to go to the casino, and it’s her day, so here i go! piece out!

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy but good weekend! Glad to hear it!
    How’d you fare at the casino?

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