twins yey! wild… another story

well, for those who don’t know… the twins won the game i went to! and it was an excellent game too! sears’ 10th inning hr to win the game was about a section and a half away from where i was sitting. very most excellent and they came back the next day and won last night (they didn’t fare too well this afternoon tho… goin 14 innings and losing) but the twins are startin to do gooder and that’s neat and that’s exciting.

the wild… well, they’ve still yet to score this series (which makes it difficult to win) frustrating to listen to or watch – and i’m sure very frustrating for them. but that’s the big news in the twin cities area


oh, and if concessions mom is reading this… i still havn’t gotten a phone call or an email yet… hmmmm

1 thought on “twins yey! wild… another story

  1. Try listening to a Brewers game. Now there’s depression not to mention a heap of empty seats in the new multimillion dollar stadium. Good thing they built it so they could play so much better. Have they won one yet? Felt bad for the Wild. I was hoping they’d make it all the way. Don’t look too good, but am glad they made it this far. That Anaheim goalie is pretty awesome. I think the only way they’re going to score is if they blast it so hard it goes threw all his pads – and then, of course, his body. Hole in one.

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