tryin to figure out this CST thing

holy balls, am i been strugglin to get adjusted to the time difference now that i’m back. i’ve done all the stuffs you’re sposed to do – stay awake during the day, and go to sleep at night – but i still tired now and it’s not night time (nor is it night time there for that matter – how messed up is that?)

NEway, i’m back and i’m slowly adjusting. and i know you are all excited to hear about the trip. i could prolly type a lot of words about the trip, but i’ll keep it somewhat minimal… here goes:

sunday: we flew in, it was dark – we got to our hotel (which was a pile) and went to sleepy.

monday: i woked up at about 4am (8am CST) and went for a nice lil jog down waikiki beach (awesome) and watched the sun rise over diamondhead – a site to behold. then ate and we rented scooters to play about the island. we scooted over to hawaii kai to inquire about scuba diving. chad (our head coach) had been emailing a local diving place (Aloha Dive Shop)for a week asking questions and whatnot and he had to meet this lady who he’d been emailing, cuz she seemed like fun times. so we go and we meet mo (short for monique). and we’re a smart@$$ bunch of guys and she’s a smart@$$ gal, so she fit right in. we set up a dive time on tuesday and we go out to eat at “the shack” a nifty lil sports bar that we ended up going back to about 5 times during the trip. after lunch we drive off in our scooters to sandy beach along the eastern shore of o’ahu. good times. we play’d in a blowhole and that’s where i cut open my feet (not fun times). we then returned to waikiki for the evening. i should also add that i got plenty of sun on monday, one might even say too much sun as i developed a lil sunpoisoning action.

tuesday: the sun poisoning enlarged my forehead and when i woke up i felt like warf (sp?) from star trek. we went to return the scooters and get breakfast before being picked up for the scuba diving endeavor. only three of us went (out of the five in our crew). i was the only ‘non-certified’ diver, so i wasn’t able to go on the first dive, cuz that was a deep dive. instead, i got to go through a quick rundown of the equipment and hand signals, etc. we moved to another spot over a reef and i got to do my first dive – it was awesome. saw a ton of fishes, giant sea turtles, eels and hey, i was swimming along all in em. i returned for a bit and then i went down with the others for the second dive. we swam along another HUGE turtle and saw a white tipped reef shark sleepin in the reef (cool). after the dive, we went back to the shack for lunch. at this point my sun poisoning worsened and my forehead was leaking puss. i had worn a sleeve on my head to help with the swelling, this caused the swelling to settle around my eyes. i looked a lot like a neanderthal, or what i think a neanderthal would look like with big ole eyebrows and such. a friend of mo’s stopeed by and we chatted for quite some time after we finished eating. mo then took us three around the east side of the island, giving us a lil tour. we ended up at a friend of mo’s named gayle – she is a retired master sargent of the army and she had plenty of good (and hilarious) stories to share. she also opened up her refridgerator and fed us all too well (thanks gayle – the spread was awesome! and so was the company). mo brought us back to the hotel.

wednesday: mo had to work, but she was such a sweetheart, she let us borrow her truck for the day. the five of us went back around the east side of the island and played around. ending up back at sandy beach to play around in the surf and get some more sun. we did a fair amount of body surfing all the times we went to sandy beach with 3-6′ waves, it was the thing to do. i’m pretty sure we ended up going back to the shack afterwards and ate and played pool that evening. because we missed the meeting we were sposed to have for the allstar game. mo brought us back home and we went to bed – practice the next day.

thursday: practice – two of em. that was the majority of the day. we walked a TON, it was prolly about 3 miles or more from our hotel room to where we practiced. between practices we walked nearly all the way back to our hotel to eat and then back to practice. the field was average, but the view was amazing. getting to look up at diamondhead during practice was most excellent. at this point, i don’t recall exactly what we did after the practices. but we did go to sleep eventually.

frid: practice, another two of them. and we walked again. at this point, my feet were killing me (and as i type this, my feet are still a little sore, but i’ll survive – i know you are all feeling for me). we didn’t go back to the hotel between practices, instead we brought some pineapple and sandwiches and ate there, then went to the beach. then back to practice.

saturday: game day. we played at 630, so we pretty much relaxed morning and afternoon. went to the beach and pretty much kickt it old skool. chad took a walk up to diamondhead – us players stayed behind and rested the feets. the game site was at waianae HS on the west side of the island. not the greatest looking skool in the world, but again, the view from the field was amazing. we warmed up and started playing, or at least some people did. we had a little issue regarding playing time. i didn’t play any offensive snaps in the first half. i’m not sure why – but i do know that the OC (offensive coordinator) was the OC for one of the runningbacks… you do the math. plus, many football coaches are extremely racist and you can’t be a good runningback if you’re white. NEway, i finally got some snaps in the second half and did fairly well. i’m not sure of the stats at this point, but when i get them, i’ll put it on my football page. and we won the game 39-21. we should’ve beat them a lot worse, but turnovers and such didn’t help us out much. the Tbirds and other midwest players shined HUGE during the game. and that was very exciting. we celebrated at TGIF after the game with a nice glass of scotch that was rich of mahogony and brawn. and eventually, found our way back to the hotel.

sunday: a relaxing day after the game. we got some scooters again and cruised around the east side once again, spending some quality time over at sandy beach again and eating at the shack for the last time. *tear* an evening out on the town in waikiki, was… well, we’ll say it was interesting.

monday: we’re leaving, NO!!!!!! plans to go check out pearl harbor failed as the shuttles that were sposed to be constantly leaving the airport were nonexistant. so we hung out at the airport for a bit – grabbing a bite to eat across the way at a lil stripmall. then the time to leave came all to quickly. we all stuffed into the plane and tried to grab some winks before we landed tuesday morning at 530.

all in all it was a great trip – quoting napoleon dynamite and anchorman all week long (sweet). the only thing that might’ve made it better was maybe hunting wolverines with my uncle in alaska using a flippin 12 gauge. we’re already talking about going back next year as we’ve got plenty more of the island we want to explore and play in.

whew, that was many words…. i need a nap now.

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  1. i think you forgot to add:

    sunday: leaving a drunk message on kori’s cell
    monday: leaving a drunk message on kori’s cell and at her house

    😉 i’m glad to hear you had fun!!

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