i know korin will love this, but i found it furst, so click on my link until i get my 5 referrals – THEN you can click on korin’s link when she signs up (under me, of course).

Free iPod

hurry, and on the quick too!

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  1. is this one of those "if you don’t do this in the next five minutes, bad luck will find you and you will notice a fuzzy tail starting to grow"?

  2. the ‘catch’ korin is referring to is the fact that once you sign up for the ipod, you gotta sign up for some other offer of stuffs:

    here’s what i did. there’s a blockbuster offer there – similiar to netflix. and i’ve been giving thought to giving that a try, i figure what the crap eh? plus, there’s a two week trial and it’s 17/month. i’ll play for two weeks and then i’ll cancel it. if by chance i forget to cancel before the trial, i’m out $17 – but i get movies too.

    i figure, why not spend a (maybe) $17 to get the ipod? that’s all you gots to do – ipod for $17? that’s not too shabby a deal.

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