the quest shall once again commence

the greatness of a conquest is an amazing thing. many of you may not recall that almost three years ago i had begun a quest… a quest that had slipped into some comatose slumber until just recently. my quest to beat every game of freecell… (dun dun duunnnnnnnnnn). well, due to the lackluster job of keeping track, i have restarted the quest i so earnstly set out to conquer those many years ago at the point of which i can last recall… and this point being a post in this very blorg, see post. now i had written down the current game somewhere on a piece of paper… but who knows where that is and if it even exists today… chances are with the move and everything else that’s been going on, it’s found it’s way to the garbage or recycling center – for i have not seen it in quite some time. because of said post, i re-began my quest at game 3020. and due to the schedule at hand, will occasionally play a game or two here or there. of course, the first day is always the easiest – i’m already at 3030. i’m thinking we needs to have a counter on this here page over there —->

i’ll get to work on that. stay tuned… of course, it seems as though the freecell gods are against me, because instead of there being a mere 32000 games, there are now apparently 1,000,000 games – a task worthy of only the mightiest of mighty warriors… maybe this is my vision quest….

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