the new look…

so i did a lil bit-o-playin…and i was workin on creatin my own survey of sorts, but my form thing wasn’t workin all that hot, so i’ll just forgo that for now. NEway… let me know what ya’ll think of the new look, the colors and what not, eventually, i’m gonna get this think lookin all purdy like. and that’s when the fun begins! 😉 or maybe the fun’s already begun? also, when you let me know what you think… if you would be so kind as to also inform me what web browser you’re using (IE,netscape,etc.) that’d be great, mkay? thanks.

4 thoughts on “the new look…

  1. I really like the dark gray, but it is hard to read the black on it. I am using Mozilla.

  2. i not sure why… but for some reason, mozilla doesn’t pay attention to the fact that i’ve set the colors of the words to white-ish. also, the link colors won’t change either (check the pg source, i’ve changed all that stuffs) any suggestions html goddess?

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