thank you

to all of the awesome family and friends… i would like to extend a great big THANK YOU from my family.

Family Photo 6/24/08

It has been amazing to see the response of family and friends. Katie, Joseph and i are truely blessed.

8 thoughts on “thank you

  1. What a beautiful family!! We are so happy for you guys – can’t wait to meet little JT! 🙂

  2. What an awesome kid! Congratulations!! Look at the arm on that kid!! Another Brett in the making???

  3. @all:
    thanks again. we’re almost getting some sleep these days.

    you just never know… i’m just hoping he’s not throwing up gang signs 🙂

  4. How come the kid never opens his eyes in the pics? Is it because he fears the Tar side of the family? LOL!!!!

  5. Congratulations!! Looks like a happy family. Enjoy every minute…he’ll grow up way too fast.

  6. @denise:
    i’ve got some photos of him in the gallery, with his eyes open and everything!

    he’s already grown. when we took him in for his first pediatrician visit, he’d already grown 1 1/2″ and was pretty much back at his birth weight!

    for those not in the know, babies will usually lose a little weight right after birth, but then generally will gain it all back by two weeks (JT’s already there, man. he’s an overachiever already)

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