photo shoot

well, it’s a beautiful day outside – mothers across the land should be pleased. Hope all you mothers have a wonderful day. i took the cocoa outside today to take some photos for the future mother of my childrens (which won’t be for a couple years, btw)… and well, i didn’t use any of them for the photo-card i made for her (from cocoa, of course) because i found a better photo to use and i’ll post it after she gets the card tonight… but i did want to put one of the photos of cocoa up – so ya’ll’s can see what our precious puppy be lookin like these days.

Cocoa on Mother’s Day 2007

Cocoa on Mother’s Day 2007

and photos of the fitness center and new equipment are coming…

by the way, this wordpress blogging tool… pretty darn spectacular! it manages images for ya and everything. me likey!

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