P90X: Day 25 – X Stretch

What About Bob - I Feel Good!
i FINALLY get to X Stretch! i should’ve been doing this all along and for quite a while, but i’ve always just ‘rested’ on my rest/X-stretch days. this is what recovery week is supposed to be like not the yoga and core synergistic stuff 🙂 it’s still a good change of pace… until next week, dun dun duuuuuuuhn! i did enjoy this ‘workout’ today, it was just what the doctor ordered. very good stretches and i do believe i felt some flexibility increases – although my bow and shoulder stands/plow are still pretty pathetic. baby steps, right?

in case you were wondering, i have been keeping up on the workouts – just not the blog posts. i don’t want to bore my visitor when i really have nothing to post outside of ‘this workout was hell’ or maybe i should??