one down…. 8 to go…

well, game one of my semi-pro career is in the books. and what’dya know, we won! although it wasn’t the greatest of victories. we won 12-0. and the defense played exceptionally well. the offense, well, we can do better, and i think we will – but i’m quasi-frustrated with that whole deal… but it’s the first game, and it’s a check in the win column. for those who wonder, and them who might even keep track. i only got the ball a couple times… 7 carries for 50 yds. which is a pretty good average (i’ve always gone for 4+ yds a carry, so that 7+ yds/carry ain’t all that bad) and the coach mentioned i might be gettin the ball a lil more in future games (which probably won’t annoy me too much) gonna get in the endzone one of these days too, that’ll be fun times… that’s all fer now

2 thoughts on “one down…. 8 to go…

  1. good job. I wish I understood the game of football, but ya see, I don’t. Good luck on that whole endzone thing.

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