memorial weekend & scribefire 2.2.5

memorial weekend was awesome – i got to get some fishing in and cocoa and i played in the woods at the shack. some of the family was at the cabin, so jokes were had and stories told. this will probably be the only trip to the cabin this year for us with baby coming early july – ish and just busy baby summering post birth, so i’m glad we were able to get up there and the weather was relatively cooperative. everyone is dog tired (including cocoa) and it will be an early bed time for us all tonight!

to all the troops, past, present and future… thank you for your sacrifice and dedication to serving our beloved country.
sometimes, i just wish we didn’t screw up all your hard work with stupid policies and practices back home… but i’ll save that rant for another day.

so i was going to come on here and be irked about scribefire being buggy (it wrapped every post with an empty div) and annoying (because it ended up always breaking my site) and when i came back on the internets and updated scribefire and lo-and-behold, in the bug fix list was that empty div… so i think i’m back to liking scribefire 🙂