so i just am learning now that what i did to get this site created and the methods i used are completely screwed up and ultimately bass-ackwards… i think in the future times, i’m going to have to redo my website, but not give it the cosmetic change (maybe i’ll clean a couple things up) – but definitely clean up how i designed the page. what this means to my reader is, i’m an idiot.

plus, i haven’t written anything for quite some time and that’s a shame, to the tens of people that read this, i’m in the mindset that i actually will make this website somewhat useful and give it some content (and maybe even fix the broken pieces). the problem is, i’m in the middle of two website development processes that might actually do something, whereas this is merely me, being a moron. so needless to say, this site probably won’t get too much attention, if need be, complain. i’ll understand, but won’t care.

here’s the wonderful logo for the fitness center, as i’m pretty sure you’ve not seen it:


(click for full-size)