it’s about time

well, it’s been brought to my attention, i’m no spring chicken anymore. the handful of deskjobs, sitting behind a computer and few and far betweens in the gym and/or serious workouts have left me in quite possibly the worst shape of my life. in some of my recent stumblings (and after a recent update of my stumbling categories), i stumbled across the crossfit website. I’ve experimented with variations of a couple workouts and i’ve been back to the site a bunch of times, checking out the Workout of the Day (WOD). I’ve been impressed with the athletic abilities of the men and women in the videos and i’ve given in to the fact that i need to test and challenge myself more. While i’ve been not a complete slouch/lazy@$$ (i did do the BFS workouts pretty extensively during the winter months), i haven’t seen the athletic abilities of my person increase. the strength is there – i might be the strongest i’ve ever been – but i’ve lost endurance and agility the last couple years. so with the crossfit flavor of workouts been researched, i decided to delve into my first crossfit workout tonight (betwixt working on HS football film cutups and such).

Today’s (Saturday) WOD:

Four sets of 400m and 50 squats – for time. (that’s the equivalent of 1 mile and 200 bodyweight squats)

My Time: 18:15

I’m hoping to do the WOD everyday and post the results here – utilzing this as a workout journal of sorts (i could use the crossfit site for this purpose, but i’ve got my own site dang nabbit!) – besides, i could use a regular something to write about. hopefully, this will keep me at it and we’ll see some results too! i might even go the infomerical route and take some before (now) and after photos??? course, i won’t post them on the site until i see some results 🙂

encouragement is always welcome – and if i start slacking, an occasional e-kickinthebutt wouldn’t hurt. if you’re wondering where this is all stemming from… you should watch the latest Office episode (okay, that’s not the reason why… but it’s just pure irony that this aired yesterday and i didn’t watch it until today).