it’s a boy!

8 thoughts on “it’s a boy!

  1. must take after his mommy! i’ll be adding more photos later, i’m on my OLD laptop and it’s slower than slow

  2. Congratulations. I believe he will be a basketball player or a high jumper!!! how have you been? Glad to see your happy and got little T!

    Love Colleen

  3. What a CUUUUUTE baby!!! Congrats, ‘ole man! You were on the internet while in the delivery room? We have a counseling program for that! JT’ll be old enough to bait my stand in no time!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Eric and Katie (and all Grandma’s and Grandpa’s involved). He’s beautiful and I can’t wait to meet him. Take lots of pictures and we’ll see you soon. Love to you all….

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