it works for chicken too

so yesterday i felt like cooking for katie and cooking for katie i did. a while back lindsey had given me a recipe for pheasant which was super good when i made it. and i didn’t have a super whole lot of pheasant right now, but i did happen to find a supermarket with chicken breasts, so i tried that. and ya know what, it turned out pretty good. thanks lindsey and (i do believe) lindsey’s parents…

katie, her roommate and i enjoyed a scrumptious lil dinner, somethin i might just make again sometime in the not so distant future… it’s not too difficult to make either… since lindsey’s workin on the moblog thingy… perhaps i could be the recipe guy for a lil bit.. unless that’s already been out there on lindsey’s blog…. hmmmmmm

1 thought on “it works for chicken too

  1. yeah, I’m just seeing this. I’m glad that the recipe works for chicken–I haven’t tried that. I’ll tell my parents too. 🙂

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