where have i been? allova sudden peeps been gettin deep. is ya’ll gettin so nostalgic and old that you’re already lookin back on the good ol days – and all at once? sheesh. i mean rochelli and melissa and ags – or maybe just check out that list of peeps on the left there, cuz pretty much everyone’s been in depth with their posts as of late…

not that that’s all that bad a thing, but maybe i’ve been outta the loop cuz i don’t get to sit on me bum all day anymore. and i don’t have super access to the internet where i is, cuz i share a computer and whatnot… so maybe i didn’t get the memo. it’s cool and all, cuz that’s what the blorg thing is all about… getting stuffs off your chest and maybe gettin some comments to make it feel gooder or go away (course, sometimes the post itself does just that). but i wouldn’t expect me to jump on this train anytime soon… i’ll stick with bob’s “i have so much to say… and no way to articulate it :(” post. true dat, true dat.

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  1. Interesting observation – after reading this I re-checked the blogs of the aforementioned persons and I agree. You are perceptive sir.

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