i’m just playing… or am i?

ok, so you all are probably gettin sick of me changing my site around every other day (or multiple times a day)… yeah? well, deal with it! it’s my website and i’ll play if i wanna! 😉 ok, i didn’t mean to yell atcha… perhaps its cuz i don’t know which i like better… this (grey matter) or moveable type (the other blogging deal i got setup) – i’m gonna use both for a lil bit and see which one i like gooder… so this week and next week (from today til the 27th of april) i’m gonna use moveable type and for two weeks after that, i’ll use this (from the 28th to the 11th of may) the following week, i’ll have to figure out how to create a poll on this hog (i don’t think it’ll be too difficult) so’s to get ya’ll’s input… ok, so don’t look at this til the 28th of april… that’s all, buy