how hard is it to find peeps?

cripes… for those who don’t know… i went to europe for track after my sr. year in high school. twas a most excellent fun times and an adventure i’ll never forget. i think there were about 60 or so hs kids that went on the trip and like all high schoolers we ended up in our lil cliques. i recently came across the list of everyone who went and had the most wonderful idea of writing the peeps in my clique that went. of course, i realized the addresses i had were 5 years old, but it’s all i had. plus, i figured most of the addresses were the peeps’ parents’ houses anyway, so there’s a chance they were still able to get the letter (this was before email became the communication medium of distance, so i had to send out ‘snail mail’ letters). i think i sent out 5 or 6 letters. two i’ve gotten emails from the people and it was a glorious reunion on both accounts… two i’ve gotten the letters back sayin the letter was undeliverable for one reason or another. two i’m still waiting on (so i guess that’s six letters i wrote). now the two that i got the letters back for just happen to be girls, so there’s a chance they changed their last name (which makes it even more difficult to find them). but i’ve done a plethora of searches tryin to find these people of fun times, to no avail. so Amanda Greeney and Natasha Raddatz… if you see this, send me a holla! i miss ya’s.

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  1. Can you contact the school that you went to track at? Sometimes the school has a webpage that people can write in & ask about past students. I don’t know about high school, but some colleges have alumni papers. Good luck in your search for your lost peeps, Mr. Beau Peep.

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