Hello world… again?

you might say to yourself “self, what the??”

and it would only be appropriate for me to try to help you out. so here is my help:

it’s time for me to update the site. I’ve created two brand new WordPress websites for work (the UplandTales and LEP sites) and i started looking at my site some… i started this site a bunch of years ago and didn’t know jack about how WP works… well, i know more now and i realize i’ve not been using WP to it’s fullest – i’ve been doing a lot outside the box and it doesn’t need to be. i don’t have a design in place quite yet, so i’ll probably just keep the boring old WP standard theme in place until i get something put together (i have some ideas, but they’re still in my head). but i wanted to start putting the blocks in place to use WP as the CMS it’s become and not just a blogging tool as i was using it before.

i love the fluidity of the internets!

edit: i just uploaded and activated my old theme, which surprisingly, doesn’t break anything. w00t! so the site will continue to look like this with not much going on cept the blog, until i get a design/theme put together – so ‘more of the same’, anyone??