ha ha ha

i got this the other day…

My name is Chris Lee. As a recruiting manager for
GCEucators.I saw your resume at careerbuilder.com. I
am seeking, for anyone interested, open positions for
teachers throughout South Korea. The job description
is dictating the English language to students enrolled
in the academy. English conversion
and punctuation are the two required fields, and it is
expected that a one-year contract at the institution
be agreed upon. I found your resume to my interest.
It is to my opinion that you are suitable for an
instructional job. Should you be interested in
pursing this opportunity to gain experience as a
teacher, please feel free to e-mail me. I appreciate
you taking the time to consider my offer. Thank you
for your time and prompt response.”

ha ha ha – if you know me AT ALL or even a little bit, you would think this is one of the funniest things i could ever get in an email (specially, if they’re serious) – i mean, have you readed any of my posts on this here blog? me teach english… that still makes eric giggle.

2 thoughts on “ha ha ha

  1. Those poor people–they wouldn’t know what hit them when they tried to converse with someone who speaks properly 🙂

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