First Overnight Trip

i’m not sure how anyone with a child (or multiple children) EVER leaves their house without renting a uHaul. we decided it was time to head up north for the weekend so some more of the family could meet the latest addition to the family. Joseph got to meet his Great Grandma Tarasewicz and spend an afternoon out at the cabin. He even went on his first boat ride when we took a leisurely ride out on the Bentley (that’s my aunt’s pontoon boat).

the trip was great and the weather was beautiful! it got down to 43 degrees at night and i had the window open… cocoa and i slept like babies (side note: the phrase ‘slept like a baby’ has a very different meaning to me now, and i’m not sure it applies to this situation), well, we slept good. it had been a while since we’d been up north to see the family and we were glad we went up to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend.

back to the first statement… we left on frid afternoon, stayed up north on saturday and came back sunday morning. i had a bag, katie had a bag, cocoa had a bag, joseph had a bag and of course we had to pack up a bunch of other accessories… a 48 hour trip and the trunk was full. i don’t know what we’re going to do if we ever have to go on a long trip. cripes!

p.s. i’ve updated the photo gallery and in case anyone is looking for a photo of a delicious pie… check this out. that’s an award winning pie and very scrumptious!

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