firefox extensions

i just happened across the extensions page for firefox – i was a fan of firefox before… but ooooooh yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh

for the bored, check out Stumble Upon. a family favorite.


still working on making the move to wordpress… progress is being made.


i’m goin down to des moines for the weekend, gonna meet up with some buddies from college that i havn’t seen in too many years. should be a good weekend – i’m outta here soonly, cuz i’m helping out with a fundraiser for PF and the Build-A-Wildlife Area program. should be fun times (it’s a sporting clay shoot). wheeeee

2 thoughts on “firefox extensions

  1. firefox extensions rock. I like stumbleupon too. TinyURL creator is good and so is "Just Blog It!" 🙂 Oh, and the thumbshots one too 🙂

    Safe trip!

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