don’t wanna

so i’ve been put on a parttime status here at work – the project i’m working on has run into a couple different roadblocks and there isn’t much for me to do right now. and because i’m not on a client site (aka, billing a client for my time), and i’m only an hourly peon here – i’ve been put on a 2 day/wk schedule. which is whatever. i don’t see myself working here for much too long anyway. i’m not a consultant. i’m not very much into the business aspect of computers and i really don’t care to get into it much – it’s a lot of politics and putting on a show and it’s not what i’m all about. i hate politics and i could care less about a lot of things. maybe i’m being dumb or immature about a lot of this, and that’s probably a pretty accurate description of my attitude – but i’m gonna continue to be, cuz i can and there’s nothing you can do about it.

whoa, a little birdwalk there… back to the topic at hand: i’m not a business person, i don’t like to dress up and be a robot type person. i’m eccentric and i’m goofy. i dress lax – jeans/shorts and tshirts which is comfortable and managable and hey, you can actually do stuff. sometimes (often times) i wear hats and/or visors. it’s me, it’s what i do – deal with it, cuz i don’t see it changing.

what’s all this rambling gotta do with anything? well, i don’t care for my job right now, cuz it’s boring and i gotta do all this stuff that isn’t me (dressing up and whatnot). i’m not doing things that i want to do – technical in nature, programming and gettin ‘down and dirty’ with code. and there really isn’t room for me to do that much without experience, blah blah blah. i really want to get into the graphic arts and web design and flash and animation and video editing – explore the creative side of me more. that’s what i want. now, i gotta figure out how to go about doing that. hey, i’ve got time these days to work on stuffs outside of my realm and i’m playing with different ideas. i’m going to get my webpage jazzed up a bit and get sarge’s site looking gooder too. i’m going to try to do some freelance stuff on the side and get some of that super valuable ‘experience’ whilst maybe even getting some moneys in the process. i’m thinking about going back to skool for some additional graphic arts/web design classes. i’ve got ideas formulating in my head and i’m trying to focus on just a couple… which is proving to be a challenge in itself.

prayers and thoughts are always welcome – and if you stumble across something that might be of interest to me, let me take this time right now, to encourage you to do so. thank you for listening (reading) to this incoherent babble.