damn it all to hell

i hate it when i do that

i seriously F$*&!’d up my computer today/yesterday. i finally had a day to sit and work on some things that i wanted to do and i end up deciding it’s a good day to clean up my computer – remove old programs, give it a thorough look and remove old folders that the uninstaller didn’t take care of, etc. so i’m going through and whatdya know, i took out (permanently deleted) a couple files/folders that are incredibly useful. like the outlook.pst file. i’ve lost all my old emails that i had saved in my various folders. now granted, some were just cuz they were funny and i’ll prolly see those again, but the ones i’d saved from katie, for example – which would be every email she’s ever sent me: gone.

i tried recovering the file with restorer pro – but the file size was zero and nothing was contained in it. of course, i didn’t do anything remotely close to a backup and if i had, i prolly would’ve deleted the backup file anyway.

i am not pleased. it’s a good thing that i have practice today, so i can at least take some agression out in a ‘civilized’ manner. but i’m not at practice right now…. so bear with me for a second.

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okay, i fell a little better

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