cuz it’s been a while

i’ve actually had stuffs to write about, so that’s not the reason for the lack of posting. i have been busy, but that’s not the reason…. hmmm, perhaps it’s cuz i’m a lazy fat@$$… yeah, that’s the reason!

NEwho… so i gots a couple exciting trips coming up. not the all-out trip i was hoping to have, but a couple fun trips none-the-less.

this weekend i’m going to seatle, wa. imma gonna accompany my aunt to a dock jumping competiton with sarge. it’ll be my first ‘live’ competition and many fun times.

then i come back here for a couple days, only to leave on wed for new jersey for an all-star football game, which will be interesting, cuz i havn’t played a game since january and only practiced twice the last two saturdays… i might be a little rusty, and we’ll find out how much so then.

then i come back on the 16th (sunday) and i get to help katie move into her new apartment.

traveling is fun, until you do too much of it – at least that’s what i’ve heard. so far i don’t think i’ve done too much of it, cuz it’s still super fun times to me. so… in the words of special ed, “yay!”

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