CFWB Free Workout #2

Sometimes I worry about myself and sometimes, it’s very easy for me to justify what I put myself through. Yesterday, the CrossFit workout was quick (well, not so much for me as my endurance is about as existent as the Dodo bird) and very painful. I definitely felt that one in my hamstrings today as I awoke. Of course, this could be partly due to me having to sleep in my son’s bed, since he was snoring in my bed when I got home from my bi-weekly bench press and back lift with some friends last night… but I digress.

Today, I was able to rope a co-worker into the workout and I think he’s secretly as deranged as I am. Andrew and I stopped in to CrossFit White Bear for today’s free workout. Oh and how much fun</sarcasm>, it was… actually, I love these workouts because they are exactly what I need.

Today’s Free WoD

500 M Row
Three Rounds of
10 Ring Rows
20 Walking Lunge (alternating legs)
30 Sit Ups

My Results


Now, I could blame yesterday’s results on the first early morning workout in quite a while. Today, the 7:00am class wasn’t available, so the 11:00am was the time for me and the early morning wasn’t a valid excuse. hmmmm, what else could I blame it on?? I’m sure I’ll think of something. Here I sit at the computer, my hamstrings are locking up and I feel an increasing amount of soreness oozing through my body… I thought I was a tough guy, so I started doing the walking lunges with a 45# plate overhead – I even did that same 45# plate on the second round. The third round, however, I thought my arms were going to fall off after the ring rows, so I just went body weight (which didn’t seem all that much easier, for some reason).

This was my first time playing with a row machine… wow! Thanks, Jaco, for starting off the workout with something that seemed to be pretty easy and turned out to totally wipe me out for the rest of it! And I actually mean that sincerely. Now, I will need to make sure to do some stretching tonight (as well as drink plenty of water!) as the final free workout will be tomorrow and I’m definitely not going to miss out on another opportunity to kick my own @$$!