CFFB WoD 5.13.11

Today’s Workout

On the minute

Perform 2 Power Cleans & 1 Jerk on the minute for 15 minutes.

*Start the clock. At the top of every minute perform 2 cleans & 1 jerk.
*Use a maximal weight. 65-80% of 1 RM
*For every rep not completed, perform 5 burpees during rest time.


Strict Chin Ups – 3xMax Reps

My Results

205lbs 2 pClean & 1 Jerk OTM for 15
Chin Ups: 6, 4, 4

whilst warming up, 225lbs felt heavy… however, i might’ve done that a little too soon as 205 was much too light. i decided to do the Amateur strength workout today – 3xMaxReps vs a 3RM – i don’t think i’m ready to do a 3RM for any of those pull up variations.

not sure really what the difference between Pull Ups and Chin Ups – i do them the same…