CFFB Wod 2.5.10

i got a late start today (hit the snooze a couple extra times and j woke up as i was getting ready to leave. being the good husband i am :), i changed his diaper and brought him downstairs to have a lil snack. then i let him borrow my football pillow and put him back down. after a lil fussing, he (or so i’m told) went back to sleep and slept for almost 3 more hours… so on to the workout for today:

Today’s CFFB WoD

On the minute:
Perform 2 Power Cleans on the minute for 15 minutes.

*Start the clock. At the top of every minute perform 2 Power Cleans.
*Use a maximal weight 85%+ of 1 RM Power Clean.
*Perform 1 burpee for every miss.

My Results:

I misread the weight requirements and went with 255 (80% of my recent 1RM of 320) – instead of 85%. it was pretty easy for me. i did use straps because i always use straps anytime i clean over 225. i’m thinking of starting anew with the clean record keeping and not using straps at all (i know my weight will drop considerably without straps)… any thoughts from the web-o-sphere?

post WoD: because i was late this AM, i didn’t get to the squat workout i was hoping to get to today. i did however get some plyo box work in and did some agility ladder work. disappointed that i didn’t get my workout in on wednesday (slept in because i didn’t feel the greatest), but today felt pretty good. and next week i’m out of town for a conference, so i’m not sure if i’ll be able to workout anywhere.

i’ll find some time to write about the conference later…