CFFB WoD 2.15.11

Today’s Workout

Complete 10 rounds:

5 Seated DB Power Cleans 50 lbs
Sprint 20 yards

*walk back to DBs for recovery


deadlift: 5RM
GHD: 3×10

My Results

14.6s, 15.1s, 17.0s, 16.7s, 16.0s, 16.7s, 16.5s, 16.1s, 15.5s, 14.5s
deadlift: 450lbs for 5RM
GHD: 3×10 (bodyweight, which is plenty 🙂

times might be a little high, because we were self-timing each round (start the stopwatch, lift weights, pick up stopwatch, run, stop stopwatch)… but it was consistent. 450lbs on the deadlift wasn’t the easiest, but it got done.