been awhile, eh?

yeah, so it’s been quite a long time since i’ve last posted, and i really don’t have any better excuse besides, i’ve been busy… we’ll call that ‘old reliable’ excuse.

many things have happened since my last post and even more since my last ‘real’ post to inform ya’s bout the actual events goin on in me’s lil ol life. where to start….

i’m still workin at 3M in st paul – it works out well, cuz i leave early to go lift and workout and they’re alright with that. i went to the all-star game for our league, i’d say i played but i really didn’t play all that much – we had 4 tailbacks on the team for some reason and i just didn’t get in too much. but it was still a fun game and we won 28-10. now i’m looking forward to playing next year. i have started yet another attempt to get paid to play as i still feel i am capable of contributing to the success of a team that will pay players. if it doesn’t work out, that’s fine, i’ll be super content to play with the Central MN Tbirds again this fall. i actually am really looking forward to next season and the team we’re going to have will be both good and a lot of fun to play with. good times in the making.

Thanksgiving was fun, i was up hunting with my family and i got a decent lil 6pointer along with a doe – my dad also got a nice 8pointer – we’ve got plenty of venison this year. my dad got a smoker and made jerky and various other sausages and such with all the meat. good times had by me!!!

that’s the lastest – i’m still working on revising the MFL website and the unveiling will prolly happen early 2005 – course that’s a blind stab in the dark at the release date, i’m just thinking things will be figured out by that point and we’ll be able to publish the new version then times.

that’s all, buy