back… i guess

well, i got yelled at for not posting lately… but i won’t say who by…….. okay, yes i will – korin. but that’s not the point, the point is it has been a lil while since my last post, and i’m sure muches of you is wonderin what the crap is goin on with lil ol me… well, it can all be sumed (summed?) up in a confusing lil statement: a lot of nothing and then some.

let’s see where to begin… well, i’m still not working very much at motion, which is not a good thing. and my job search has been intensifying as of late. i’ve got two phone calls to return tomorrow – woo hoo! prayers requested.

i’ve begun searching for an online school to take some graphics/web design/development courses. anyone have any ideas as to how to go about this? right now i’m thinking: here or possibly perhaps here. i’m not really sure which avenue i want to pursue down the ‘media arts’ avenue. i wanna learn it all! if perhaps you know of any other ‘online’ skools that offer a graphics, web development or multimedia program, i’d love to hear about it. and if anyone wants to pay for any of said skooling, i’m sure that can be arranged as well.

i’m exploring options and maybe someday i’ll know what i gonna do.

i just got back from a couple days with my daddy fishing up at the family cabin in iron river, wisconsin. it was a great time. even though it did some goofy @$$’d weather stuffs up there, we caught a bunches of fishes and it was a very relaxing couple of days.

saturday was the end of an era. the mustangs season hath ended. we lost a close game on saturday. whether we should’ve, you be the judge – although since i’m assuming you weren’t there – we’ll just say it could’ve ended differently. the mustangs will probably not be around next year or any more after that. it’s too bad. i had very tons of fun playing with that group of guys and whatdya know, i even made a lil name for myself in the GPFL (Great Plains Football League). i had teams worrying about me and always had guys watchin where i went. and that is a good feeling to be a pain in an opponents side. now i move on to the next season. i’m playing for the Central Minnesota Thunderbirds – website in progress. who’re now 1-1. i keep hearing that they’re in need of a runningback and many of the guys on the team are looking forward to the day i get to play on their side (as i played against them in two games last year).

and the bestest news: my uncle who has been stationed in iraq since january is coming home for a couple weeks leave. it’s very possible he’s on his way as i’m typing this. not sure when he’ll be in exactly, but there’s a gathering of social and epic proportions in the works. fun times had by me and my family!!!

that’s all, buy

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  1. that’s cool that your uncle will be home on leave. my older brother (who’s also in iraq) has leave sometime around the end of august/beginning of september, but once he gets to DC, he’s flying on to the Philippines to see his wife.

    excellent use of the word "hath" by the way.

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