a taste of london

so a couple days ago a bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. it was all over the news, you might’ve heard about it – so far 5 have died and some 90+ were hurt (a couple still in the hospital). i wasn’t anywhere close to the bridge and luckily, nobody i know (at least i’m not sure of anyone) was on the bridge when it collapsed. My boss here at work went over the bridge about 20 minutes before the thing fell.

i didn’t even hear about it until katie told me to turn on the TV at home… i was doing some fantasy football podcasting on the way home from work – i watched it in amazement for a while, but then the media kept dramatizing it and that irked me. katie, however, watched it until Top Chef came on (our program of choice – and mine since the new season of The Office hasn’t started).

i got a bunch of phone calls – people asking if i drove over the bridge,  some relatively frantic calls even. nope – don’t even get close. i’m otay and so is all the peeps i know.

things like this will make you stop and think.

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