a bit-o-news

for those not in the know… this video should indicate the biggest news i’ve had since the notice of the wedding (which should be another hint). Got it yet? If by chance you’re THAT dense… the wife and i are expecting a baby. I’ll use that as the ultimate scapegoat as to why i haven’t posted in FOREVER. I do plan on posting more often and i’ve even got thoughts of finishing this website and the rest of the sections that have been empty since the redesign.

we are very excited and nervous about bringing another life into this f’d up world… but we’ve got time to prepare yet… due date is the 7th of July. So far all of our appointments have gone swimmingly (can i say pun intended there? ha). we’ve got our second ultrasound this wednesday, i’ll post a photo (the first photos weren’t all that exciting). More info to come, i’m sure.