3 little finches

as i’m just about to bust outta the hyatt lobby this morning – 3 little finches flew by and were scrounging for crumbs on the floor in front of me.

ain’t it funny how somethin little like that and an e-convo with a good friend will brighten an otherwise gloomy day?

1 thought on “3 little finches

  1. Eric~
    It sounds like you are having a lovely time in Florida. You are probably wondering who the heck I am….well, I think that I was your prom date your Junior year at Park High!
    Don’t ask how I found this crazy little website of yours.
    Just wanted to give you a little shout out because the opportunity presented itself.
    If you have time, send me an email because I would love to hear how your life is these days!
    Take care,

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