30 Burpee Challenge: Day 6 & 7

Day six and seven of the challenge. Soreness almost completely gone now (yay). I see a sub 90second set coming soon!

yesterday’s time: 1:36
today’s time: 1:38

Didn’t post yesterday, probably won’t post daily (but I will do the burpees daily), and I’ll just combine the days like today. I didn’t beat the PR tonight, but I did it which is a challenge in itself. I almost skied today cuz I’m just wore out… Too many late nights lately. Going to get the rest tonight tho.

30 Burpee Challenge: Day 4

Day four of the challenge. I’m seeing progress in the short period of time doing this so far. Hey, another sub 2 minute 30 burpees! Check it out:

today’s time: 1:49

I did not think today would be another improvement. I was incredibly sore today. I’ve also been doing some yoga sessions – short ones I found through some podcasts (yogamazing and Melissa west podcasts). Mixing it up a bit with different flows and/or muscle group focuses. Through it all, I’ve realized I’ve lost quite a bit of flexibility… Time to get that back too!